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Attendance Tutor Class

First of all, this year it is confusing what grade level is executed because the previous year when we made the report we took the grade of the section because that is how it was written, when changing it, this year in the script I will also show the abbreviation of the course before the first space so you can see the grade level.



I run for 07 BB, 

What does the script do, then see if it has taken attendance in the selected homeroom.

If you don't have it,
Look up all of your classes that day for attendance codes A, P, or TR.

If he has any TR, he puts TR in the Homeroom,
if he has no TR but if P puts P in Homeroom,
if he has neither TR nor P but if A puts X in Homeroom,

If there were no previous cases, I would not put anything in the homeroom.

If he have attendance for that homeroom that day and it is one of these codes, 

'ADT' or  'ALE'  or   'ARL'  or  'E'  or   'LE'  or   'N'  or   RL'  or  'STL'  or 'XLE' or  'TR'

it is understood that the teacher has added it manually and you should not change it.

If he have A or X check that the total of A or X is equal to the total number of assists taken that day and if so, put an A or X as appropriate.

Else will use the above rule to put either TR or P or Empty, as appropriate.

and in view summary you can see the result and you can export it to different formats.

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